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The Amazing Spider-man FanArt
Comicbook fans, Film fans, critics and anyone that knows anything about Spider-man knows that one of the best things about the Sam Raimi Spider-man trilogy films, was J.K. Simmons  (Perfect casting) playing J. Jonah Jameson, Editor-in-chief of the Daily Bugle, the fictional New York newspaper where Peter Parker works as a photographer.

Simmons definetly stole every scene he was in, as the obnoxious always angry but incredibly funny Jameson, which is why he was left out of the Amazing Spider-man film

Simmons to return as Jameson??
Simmons was out doing the press tour for his upcoming show on ABC, Family Tools, when he spoke to Crave Online about the subject of the Amazing Spider-Man franchise. They asked him about the possibility of him returning to the franchise as Jonah and this is what he had to say:

“Oh, I’m open to anything… Obviously that was enormous fun playing that character. A big part of the fun was doing it with Sam and with Tobey. Like I said I literally have not seen the movie. I don’t even know tonally how different it may or may not be. I’m a fan of the actors, the director and everything else. Yeah, I’m always open.”

Should Simmons Return? I say YES!!!
Simmons then carried on saying, “Well, the Spider-Man thing, for those of us who were doing the first franchise, that rug got pulled out from under us like two-and-a-half years ago, you know. So, that water is well under the bridge. I love making those movies with Sam and with everybody, and we had a great time. Now, the studio is doing a different version of it.  But that seems like ancient history. And, because I don’t get out much, I haven’t seen the movie or the Broadway play or the cartoon, which I do a voice on.”

It should be noted that every actor, is always willing to revisit the ground that they stood on, however it doesn’t always means that they will get the chance too.

Its quite clear that Simmons still has ties to the Spider-man franchise, so the question is should Sony bring him back for the sequel or should we see a new take on Jameson.

I’ll say this, I would love to see Simmons back as Jonah, and it could work. The Bond franchise pays testament to this, as the some of Bonds supporting players normally stays the same, while Bond himself keeps getting recast. So why not take the same approach with Jonah?

Well some might argue that maybe someone else should take the role and give us a new interpretation of Jonah, the thing about that is, if aint broke why fix it? Basically Jonah hasn’t been a character that has been up for re-interpretation in the comics, he stays the same regardless of the tone of Spider-man in the comics, so why try and fill these giant shoes left by Simmon??

I say bring Simmons back!! What do you think about that? Comment below and let me know!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is currently being revised by Star Trek 2 writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. It’s due in theaters on May 2, 2014.

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